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Our project office will analyze your project requirements and transform them into a finished product.

First, we will schedule a few meetings between our technical specialists and client. It will help interchange information between all interested parties (stakeholders). Terms and delivery are our responsibility.

Dev iQ uses the Agile software development methodologies, particularly, Scrum & Kanban. This approach gives a product owner an ability to stay involved in the product development.


Banking and finance is one of the pioneers to embrace the mobile technology when the first mobile banking service using WAP was introduced back in 2000. These days mobile financial services such as mobile banking and online payments have become part and parcel of our life. We have been providing mobile financial services since 2008 when Open BanQ™ - our innovative IT product for banking - was launched.

Open BanQ™ is an all-in-one remote service unit for banking with module architecture. Its open API allows integrating it with almost any other software solutions and presentation modules made by other developers.

Open Banq website

Dedicated teams

Resource outstaffing is a worthy idea when preparing for a complex time-consuming project.

If you understand the goals and have already determined how to achieve them, we will help you select a team of designers, developers and a project manager, who have a great chemistry and experience to deliver a top quality product on time.

For us the resource outstaffing model means providing our client with the speciaists who work closely with the client's in-house personnel as if they were permanently employed by the client. Our specialists can work either at the client's office or on our premises.

We are a full-cycle software development company

Dev iQ is a full-cycle software development company producing for various industrial branches including banking, FMCG, insurance, online payment systems, sports, telecom and not limited to. We have extensive experience building complex integrated systems to fulfill business needs of our clients, and develop innovative marketing tools according to the latest trends.

Our Expertise:
complex solutions development, involving various back-end systems, mobile technologies, websites, cloud resources etc. We will do complete architecture, software and UI/UX design, actual coding plus help you with promotion of created tools and digital campaigns.

Why Us



We are know as an Agile-addicted company as we use the world's best approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Pair Programming, Code Review, and also the most popular project management software.


Talented engineers

Our HR Dept has an extensive database of the dedicated candidates who are eager to join your team. We are happy to bring in the right people for your project in line with your needs and requirements.


Flexibility / transparency

Our recruitment, communication and pricing policies are very transparent as we always stay on the same page with you and communicate all needs and issues together. Moreover, we have flexible cooperation models so that you would be able to choose which one works best for you.

cultural similarity

Cultural similarity

Most of our teammates live in Ukraine which is a part of Europe, and so we have common cultural features. Also, we can communicate in English, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Having all these in common we do not have communication gaps with our customers - no matter where they are from.

direct communication

Direct communication

We will facilitate the most efficient communication between yourself and our development team. Our Scrum room is a place where you will find everything you need at any time. Feel free to choose any time tracking software you prefer.

top quality

Top quality

Considering that the quality of a final product is the most important thing when choosing an outsourcing partner, we make the top quality our main rule. Moreover, we conduct a thorough talent search before we get new people on board. That is why we pride ourselves in having the most dedicated professional and the best talents on our team.


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Kostiv - CEO

Yuriy Kostiv

Orlovsky - Associate CEO

Maxim Orlovsky

Associate CEO
Prikhodko - COO

Igor Prykhodko

Mallevannaya - CFO

Elena Malevanaya

Vasilev - CTO

Nikita Vasiliev


Jaroslaw Shevnin